About the Artist

London & Paris based photographer Ahmed Hassan has developed an acute photographic style that encompasses maximalism, colour, texture and architecture.

His works aims to place you in a fantasy world that exists independent of an era or a period of time. despite a focus on portraiture, his work still entertains many different dimensions.

Describing his style as a fusion of documentary and fine art, he aims to capture raw, unscripted moments while incorporating an artistic perspective that evokes emotion. It's important for him to create images that resonate with people, making them feel like they're right there in the moment.

To date, Ahmed Hassan’s editorial work has appeared in magazines such as ELLE (UK/ SPAIN/ CHINA/ JAPAN/ SWEDEN/ PORTGUGAL/ FRANCE), Vogue Italia, Perfect Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, TMRW Magazine, MSM,  BEAT, Tatler and more. His collaborations have included Fendi, BYFAR, Chanel,  Gentle Monster, GANT and others.


e. ahmxdhassan@gmail.com
i. https://www.instagram.com/ahmxdhassan/